Macro C & C Markt since 1976

The company Macro wohlesale Ges.m.b.H & Co. KG was founded in 1976 as an offshoot of the former Handels AG. Three warehouse companies from Austria - Alois Scherzer, Hausmann and Alois Wild were shareholders and opened their own joint market in Eybnerstraße in St. Pölten. As a result of the good development, the company moved to Kollerbergweg in the south of St Pölten in 1990.

Putting people at the centre

On 1 July 2003 the company Scherzer and with it the shares in Macro were acquired by the new company BPS. With the inclusion in this group of companies, the focus was placed on brand-name goods and competence for low prices.

Our success and the people who are always at the centre of things - staff, customers and partners show that we are on the right track.