About Alois Wild wholesale

about alois wild wholesale

The World of Brands - Under one Roof

Discover Alois Wild wholesale's world of brand-names, where the highest quality is combined with low prices. Our wholesale house for "special things with brand-name prestige" combines the Fashion & Sport, Home & Household, Games & Office product ranges on the basis of international quality standards.

The typical Wild culture - aesthetics, coordination of colour and form, creativity and cosmopolitanism - shapes the range and presentation of the products and the statement that they make. Together with a proficient customer service, all of these strengths make shopping at Wild an unforgettable experience.

Welcome to the world of wholesaling at Alois Wild. 

Trading is what we do - For over 100 years!

You can find over 34.000 different products from all over the world in our markets. We look for better and cheaper products for you all year round. You won't find any low-quality articles in our stores: we are 100% committed to brand-name products from all kinds of areas. We offer these to a select clientele at guaranteed best prices. By means of our purchasing volumes, we are always able to provide you with the latest products at the best prices. More than 20,000 top companies in Tirol avail of this opportunity and trust in our product range.

We have been at the Neu-Rum, Innsbruck location with its sales area of over 5.000 m2 for over 30 years.  The easy accessibility from all parts of the country makes it convenient for our customers to shop here. Experienced staff are on hand with help and advice, making shopping an unforgettable experience